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A few words about usLet's face it... we gays have it harder than heterosexuals do when it comes to dating. Straight people can meet potential partners anywhere they go. For us we have to be more careful because not everyone is gay. Assume the wrong person is gay, and you could be asking for trouble. We've come a long way, but cultural acceptance of homosexuality still has a long way to go. 40 years ago, the technology for social networking was non-existent. Even a decade ago, the technology for social networking was still primitive. Gay men and women had to rely more heavily on the bar scene to meet potential partners. Now with Web 2.0 technology, plus the widespread use of smartphones, we are in a much more connected society. That's where Free Gay Dating comes in! We set out to create the simplest and most effective tool to find gay men in your city. Here's how technology is changing the gay dating scene: